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        Welcome to OTR Listens text-based chat support.

        If you need an empathetic listening ear, Avie is here for you.

        Our chat conversation is strictly private, confidential, and PDPA compliant.

          Operating Hours

          Monday - Friday (Weekdays): 4pm - 12 midnight (SGT)

          Saturday & Sunday (Weekends): 12 noon - 12 midnight daily (SGT) 

          This is not a suicide prevention or a crisis service.

          If you or someone you know is in a crisis or needs urgent help, please call these 24-hour hotlines:

          SOS (1 767); IMH mental health helpline (6389 2222); or go to the nearest Hospital Emergency service.

          OTR Listens -> CHAT Referral Service
          If you feel that you have a  mental health  condition that may require  professional intervention, are between the age of 16 and 30 years old, living in Singapore and currently not receiving hospital-based psychiatric services, we can refer you to the CHAT free mental health assessment service. Feel free to bring this up in your chat with Avie. 
          You can also contact CHAT directly here: https://www.imh.com.sg/CHAT/


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