Calm3D x Rainbow

There are moments in life when we are overwhelmed by intense feelings. Wave after wave of emotions keep rolling, stirring the shore of our mind. Then, the waves go away. All we need is a calm and safe space for our feelings to come and depart. A space to just be.

                                                                                                    Welcome to Calm3D x Rainbow. This is  a collaboration between Calm3D and Over-The-Rainbow to provide a personal sanctuary for you. When you want to calm down, to ponder about life, or just to take a breather from the day-to-day grind, this is a space for you to be. 

                                                                                                    How it works

                                                                                                    • Open the Calm3D app on your mobile or computer

                                                                                                    • You will be welcomed to a virtual zen garden, complete with guided video and audio for mindful breathwork and mood regulation 

                                                                                                    • After the experience, you will have the option to visualise your emotions, journal and track your mood.